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What is your commercial property worth?  Contact me for a commercial property evaluation!


Commercial Property Evaluation

Do you want to know the value of your commercial property?  Lynn can help any commercial property owner determine the estimated value of commercial property.


Commercial property evaluations also known as "broker opinions", can be useful in determining the estimated value of your commercial property for purposes of placing the property on the market, or in the case of a lawsuit, property settlement or the establishment of a decedent's estate value.


There is a difference between a commercial property appraisal and a commercial property evaluation or broker's opinion.  Knowing the difference between an appraisal and an evaluation can help you decide which method is appropriate for your situation. 


Should you determine that you need an appraisal, you must find a licensed, certified appraiser.  Certified appraisals are expensive, can cost several thousand dollars and are used mostly for purposes of financing.


Commercial property evaluations can be done to determine the estimated price value of a lease, as well as the value of a sale. 


Should you need to determine the value of your commercial property or current lease rates, please give Lynn a call!

Lynn Teger, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Commercial & Investment Real Estate Certified (CIREC)
Nova North Commercial

22 South Main Street, Suite 101

New City, New York 10956


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