Lynn Teger, Landlord’s representative for 29 North Airmont Road, Airmont, New York recently concluded a long term lease of 1,300 square feet of medical space to Valley Health & Hyperbarics owned and operated by Dr. Giuseppina Benincasa Feingold M.D., a Board Certified Pediatrician.

This is a ground floor location directly off Exit 14B of the New York State Thruway. The building has plenty of parking and contains a ramp directly in front of the space to allow easy access for disabled persons.

This is the first private hyperbaric oxygen therapy center in Rockland County. 

Dr. Feingold shares her personal story of becoming a hyperbaric oxygen treatment practitioner. Her daughter, born with brain damage, attained remarkable growth and achievement through the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  According to Dr. Feingold, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has many other uses.  Recently Dr. Feingold has been working long hours on the front lines treating COVID patients and she has had success in treating COVID patients with a combination of Hyperbaric Therapy and Vitamin C.

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